Unfortunately, travel vaccines are not provided by the Government. Private Insurance may refund travellers partially or fully for these vaccines. The Sathorn International Clinic will issue a proper receipt with the vaccine D.I.N numbers for claiming the charges through your private Insurance. Please use the DIN number provided under each vaccine if you want to check whether the vaccine is covered under your Insurance plan. If your Insurance does not cover the cost of the vaccine, you can use the receipt as proof of your medical expenses when filing your tax return.


DIN: 02237792

Hepatitis A (Adults)


Avaxim Ped

DIN: 02243741

Hepatitis A (0-18 Years)



DIN: 02417030

Meningitis B



DIN: 02247208

Traveller's Diarrhea


Engerix - B

DIN: 01919431

Hepatitis B (Adults)


Engerix - B Ped

DIN: 01919431

Hepatitis B (0-18 Years)



DIN: 02283190




DIN: 01908286




DIN: 01959042




DIN: 02333279

Japanese Encephalitis



DIN: 02279924 / 02347393

Meningitis ACYW135



DIN: 02230578

Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B


Typhim Vi

DIN: 02130955




DIN: 0224836

Typhoid & Hepatitis A



DIN: 00428833

Yellow Fever



DIN: 02315939



CONSULTATION FEE - The consultation charge covers the professional fee for advice given after a thorough medical and travel history, review of past immunization as well as advice regarding the essential vaccine needed for the trip. Administration of the vaccines as well as prescriptions and other preventative advice given during the visit are all part of the consultation fee.


The consultation fee is 1000THB per person for each trip.  

Families of 4 or more travellers are charged only 3000THB. 

There is no charge for return visits needed to complete the immunization series. (e.g Twinrix needs 3 visits). 

Topics Discussed during consultation

  • Food and water safety

  • Recommended Insect repellants 

  • Tips for Sun Protection

  • Dealing with Altitude sickness

  • Minimizing Jet lag

  • Preventing Malaria

  • Any other relevant info for the particular trip

Please bring your previous immunization documents to the Sathorn International Clinic to avoid unnecessary re-immunization.


Our clinic has a special interest in advising travellers with children, pregnant travellers as well as seniors and immunosuppressed travellers.


Rabies, Shingles, and HPV vaccine are administered to non-travellers who need the immunization. There is no consultation fee for patients requiring these vaccines.

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